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  We are the Nations ** One & Only ** Leader and Sole Fabricator of the Most Popular    Patented Truck Mount Heat Exchanger known to the Industry.

 The Only Builder of a Heat Exchanger that actually works and outperforms all Competition. So, Don't be in "Hot Water" by not having "Hot Water."

 Resulting in:

 Instant Rise in Heat
 More Stable Temperature
 3500 psi Rated all Stainless built to last
 Safe & Efficient
 Allows you to do High Pressure Jobs


 We will try our Hardest to make it work for you!
We will make your Old Truck Mount like NEW!
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Blue Baron & Axis Point TM Truck Mounts and Heat Exchangers are trademarks of Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC 

All our Trade Marks & Patented Products and Services are identified as Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC & Axis Point TM Heat Exchangers. All Rights are Reserved and the Name Blue Baron is now a Registered TradeMark

Red Baron TM and the Name Axis Point TM for our Heat Exchangers are currently under Government Registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. 

Any unauthorized use of Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC Trademark Names: Axis Point TM, Blue Baron, Red Baron TM or the Company's Patented Products is prohibited by Law and will lead to legal action.  
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Installation Details
Installation Details
3500 PSI Pressure Rated Stainless Tubing
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The Axis Point TM Heat Exchanger Patent has been accepted by the U.S. Patent & Trade Mark Office and put into Publication as of March 27th 2012.       

U.S. PATENT NO. 8,141,199 
Above Video is from 2010
Recent Video from June 10, 2016
Prochem owned by Karcher Company, no longer Manufacturers Heat Exchangers for the following Truck Mounts:

Performer, Performer 405, Legend, Legend SE, Bear, Bruins, Bruins II, Lancer, Lancer II, Saber, SAber 2000, Trailblazer, Blazer XL, Blazer Plus and Performer Cub XL 

Blue Baron Manufacturing is the ONLY Company in the USA and Overseas that Manufacturers these Prochem After Markets using our Patented Axis Point Technology.
Axis Point Heat Exchangers with Performance & Durability Above and Beyond Competition!